Top 10 Sports To Lose Weight

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Always hungry? Why traditional low-calorie diets don’t work…
August 12, 2017
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August 12, 2017
Top 10 Sports To Lose Weight

Top 10 Sports To Lose Weight– Weight is a growing issue nowadays which is getting a good exposure due to its enormous issue like obesity, heart issues, fatigue etc which is like inviting diseases one after the other. Having a weight problem? Are you overweight? Want an effective way to good weight loss technique? Shaming is the new airhead these days. Being weighty is not a problem but the unhealthy weight is not fair in any case. An unhealthy weight can lead to increased problems in life which can be dangerous for health on long terms.

Choose a way of your choice! Be it homeopathy, home remedy or gym or those tasteless diet charts, they are useless unless you opt for a workout on a healthy basis. These remedies may stop working if you stop the application but this method can work like fuel for a good time. What type of workout? We suggest you to indulge yourself in sports activities. Which one to choose over many options? In this blog you will read about top 10 sports to lose weight which will not only decrease your belly but sharpen mind and memory with pro.

Top 10 Sports For Weight Loss

Sports are widely loved by everyone. Get indulged in your favorite sport to promote a healthy life force with our list of top 10 sports for weight loss schedule. Exercise is very beneficial to have an ideal body weight which eliminates only bad body fat which can be best burned by turning on to a good sport which you enjoy playing. Sports helps as a multi-benefit given with it dynamic benefits to look for. This will relieve the mental stress and sweating will tone up your body and give a glow on the skin. Be desirable by going sporty!

  1. Swimming

Swimming is the best sport to lose weight which is very effective as well efficient on giving good result. A sweat free sport which needs low impact but has great results on the body as overall, it is blessed with cardiovascular benefits.  It works just like aerobics in water which makes the joint more smoother to work & mind calmer as a panic mind can’t let the body float.  This sport can alone burn 434 to 653 calories per hour. Try good techniques like laps, butterfly or crawls or simply, indulge in good splash. Join a club and start your swimming classes soon.

  1. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a great fat burner & one of the most difficult sports in the world which makes it to our list of top 10 sports to lose weight. Hey! You do not need to be a professional or trained in gymnastics to opt it as your own leisure sport. This sport can be chosen by fresher too to get good exercise of the body. Gymnastic needs a good amount of energy to perform which will aviate after some time with experience. This sport can burn fats up to 298 to 334 calories per hour of good gymnastics. Now you have the answer why good gymnasts have a great toned body.

  1. Cycling

Want to get back to childhood? Cycling is something we all love when we kids but do not mix it up with childish sport. It is a sport which is enjoyed by big celebrities. If you have bulky legs, arms and buttocks, then cycling will help you tone them up which is why it is a good sport for weight loss program. The best part, you do not need to learn anything new, just balance it and roam about in the eco-friendly conveyance.  They are a perfect sport for muscle strengthening which will help you burn fat up to 75 to 620 calories in ½ an hour.

  1. Running & Jogging

Now you do not have a cycle or time for joining a sport! Then this is the best you can have. Just run & jog to burn the calories out. These are used as basic ways to top 10 sports to lose weight which can be performed by any age group, weight scale & group. Running strengthens muscles for a muscular body whereas jogging is good as a weight loss technique which is best for women who love the feminine body. You can go for the treadmill at for home-based exercise or walk around as you like.

  1. Tennis

Sania Mirza made it a craze when cricket had its way. Now you cannot get a whole team for just a workout session. We suggest you join tennis a popular vigorous sport which is greatly known to burn 372 to 515 calories per hour of good playing. This game has no time of rest as the ball flies you will have to shoot it up in the air for the opponent team to hit it back.  This sport involves running, hitting, back flips and strength with an alert mind which is a good recreation activity.

  1. Racquet Ball

Racquetball is similar to tennis but racquetball is played indoors in a room alone or with doubles. This sport has a ball being hit and can come from anywhere whether it is the wall, ceiling, corners or anywhere.  This is sun proof too as you won’t be crying over the tan of outdoor playing. This amazing sport can melt down up to 434 to 601 calories per hour of a good playing which makes it our list of 10 best sports for losing fat.

  1. Foot Ball

Ok! We all had a crush over David Beckham or loved Christiano Ronaldo moves. They all had it as football players. Get into football mania and believe me it works well on many. I hardly believe but true, you can get good packs out of this sport without any gym or strict diet. You may ask the good players. It is a good muscle strengthening activity with stamina raiser which can help you sweat and burn up to hundreds of calories in just one game or two.

  1. Soft Ball / Base Ball

It does not matter what you choose whether the softball or baseball is, they work the same for you and without any doubt, it works well in your body. Base Ball is princely sport which has rejoiced since ages and is equal to as playing cricket. It has a lot of warming up, running sessions, alertness and sharp mind needed. This is a multi-benefiter for many of those who have been in love especially the 90s kids. Thus, Softball and baseball are on our list of top 10 sports for losing weight.

  1. Boxing

Boxing may look like a violent sport with a lot of hitting and injuries but this is just a side of a coin. It is the best sport to effective weight loss as it includes hours of vigorous training of jumping, footwork, endurance & agility etc which also includes crunches and hitting punching bags for hours before you get into the ring.  This game is more associated to muscular bodies with fitness.

  1. Basket Ball

Basketball needs no introduction which is an international sport and has this stretching exercise on its own. This sport can give you good height with toned body shape. It involves good running, jumping, stretching, footwork and alert mind to throw the ball in the basket. Sports significantly burn good calories up to 496 to 687 calories of full court play. It is a good family sport too. Have a match and play hard. Thus, Basketball is a good sport for losing weight and burning that belly fat effectively.


As we all know that in India almost 80% of people are suffering from fat & obesity problems. Most of them goes to gym and hit hard exercises. Some of them take supplements to reduce fat. So there are several ways which one can use in order to get rid of all types of fat issues. Sports is considered as one of the best way in which you can lose weight with proper entertainment. Follow the above mentioned sports for weights on regular basis and stay fit.